13 October 2008 | Team Tamar

YouTube takes another leap forward

This week video sharing goliath YouTube announced some interesting new developments that are sure raise a few eyebrows in the online world.

Today the site broadcast that it will start to roll out a variety of classic terrestrial television shows in full.  Trekkies the world over are sure to be excited as the vintage show is one of the first to be shown in full on the site.  It appears that YouTube will be following these up with full length versions of other classics from the television hall of fame.

Many believe this is the start of a move that will start to ease tensions between the site and its various copy write lobbyists that have been so actively protesting about the use of unlawful clips on the site.  In addition to this we have seen the site bring in a ‘click to buy’ function, and therefore creating an additional revenue source to accompany its ad space.  However it will be sometime before Google are able to see some of the profit from the well publicised buy out.   

Team Tamar