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Yahoo!’s answer to Facebook

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
21 October 2008

According to WebProNews, Yahoo!’s response to Facebook and other forms of social media was called Yahoo! Mash, but after never leaving its beta form, it was closed down. If you haven’t heard of Yahoo! Mash, don’t worry – it seems plenty of people haven’t. And it seems to be all over anyway. I wonder what they have planned next…

Oh, wait! Here it is:

According to TechCrunch Yahoo began the rollout of its new user profile on 16 October. Profiles and mail are the anchors of Yahoo’s strategy of turning the site into “one big social network”. Responses range from “I think they could over time crush Facebook and Myspace” to “Poor Yahoo, they don’t realize they are dead already”, but the general consensus seems to be “The so called new profile makes me wanna say… ‘I’m out of here!’ ”

Until next time….happy searching!



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