16 October 2008 | Team Tamar

Xoost launches Social Search feature.

A startup company, Xoost specializing in Social Media search has launched a feature that allows web browsers to vote for the search results without the effort of installing extra software or leaving the current web page. If users receive a web page that closely matches the search keyword they used they will can just click the button “Yes, keep It”, alternatively selecting “No, keep searching” and they will be shown other web pages or change the search keyword. This simple feature, named “Yes, keep it” concentrates on search relevance optimization which essential in building up a useful and global social search platform.

The searches and web pages voted by users will be automatically added to their Xoost profiles and will be used in the general Xoost ranking system. Xoost.com searches the top engines on the Web – Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live Search and links you up with other users searching for the same thing, in addition to this Xoost saves your searches and allows you to share your search results with other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter thus contributing to the search relevance optimization for everybody!

Team Tamar