23 October 2008 | Team Tamar

What can Lil Wayne teach us about successful blogging?

Lil Wayne

Blogging has been on the tip of our Tamar tongues this week and yes you read that title correctly, I’m going to attempt to give a real-life equivalent of a blogging technique that rappers use to become popular. For the sceptical amongst you there is a link between rapping and blogging… albeit slightly tenuous!

It’s no secret that I’m an avid rap fan (yes I’m used to others not being so fond) but on my tube-riding, iPod-listening journey to work this morning I began to wonder exactly how it was that I was made aware of Lil Wayne.

Fame through association

Lil Wayne is arguably the hottest property in rap at this moment in time with his latest album selling over 2.4 million copies making it 2008’s best selling record and double-platinum in only one month after its release. How exactly did this happen? Fame through association… and some talent of course!

If we take a look at tracks released by Lil Wayne we can see a definite trend. A high percentage of them feature other popular artists further increasing his consumer reach. These featured artists that include Jay Z, T-Pain, Young Jeezy and Kanye West (again, all hot property in the rap industry) have huge fan bases which become ideal prospective listeners.

And it doesn’t stop there. As his popularity grows other artists endeavour to feature the new talent and thus enter what could be described as a reciprocal fan exchange. High volume selling artists featuring Lil Wayne such as Usher, Mary J Blige, Akon, Chris Brown and Wyclef keep Lil Wayne in the US Billboard Hot 100 and very much in the spot light.

Get yourself featured

So what’s the advice for bloggers? Get yourself featured on other popular blogs and feature other popular bloggers on yours; simple. Just like rapping, featuring already popular personalities on your blog can increase the chances of your readership growing.

Two great tips for attracting popular figureheads within your niche to your blog is by running a series of interviews or asking them to guest post. The interview method is quick and easy and by sending out a simple questionnaire you make it straightforward for them to contribute. The guest post method is slightly more complicated however often more beneficial as the guests offer some real insight into your topic.

Once you’ve featured a number of people on your blog why don’t you ask for them to return the favour by featuring on theirs? And again, just like rappers, by this time you would have proved your worth with your celebrity-featuring blog making it easy to approach others within your vertical with a view to guest posting on theirs. Simply put; collaborate to the top.

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