14 October 2008 | Team Tamar

The best websites in the world…ever. Vol.8

The days of surfing the net from the comfort of my home are long gone. The only time I get to download, is while I’m on the move, so I like to cut through all the nonsense and get down to the essential content.

To reach the all-time best websites category your site must meet the following criteria:

  • Original content within the particular subject matter i.e. Wi-fi sneakers
  • Frequency that the site gets updated i.e. at least once a day
  • How quickly the site downloads onto a handheld device i.e. iphone and similar with a download limit of less than 60 seconds
  • How well the summary of content has been written i.e. excellent outline in the first paragraph

Strangely enough two of the sites which I visit most are blogs. These blogs are mainly based around technology. The third site is focused around mobile and emerging platforms now shaping the way we consume our bites. To summarise – from a technology point of view, who are the main players, where we are now and where are we going?

FT Tech Blog – http://blogs.ft.com/techblog/

Provides the all important accurate financial detail on the latest hot tech companies out there.  Every article provides vital bite-sized detail which is essential in getting to know who owns who and how so and so intends to profit from this and that product.

Wired Gadgets – http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/

Guaranteed to give at least one techno gem, by revealing the next technological advancement in one way or another.

Mobile Marketing Magazine – http://www.mobilemarketingmagazine.co.uk/

Find out how all the latest brands are doing it on mobile. This is a highly informative, packed full of all the new and fresh mobile ideas. For example have you heard of Flirtomatic, no, well you better get your skates on and get with the program.

Go and check these sites out for yourself and let me know which one you found the most interesting, intriguing or right out there.

Team Tamar