10 October 2008 | Team Tamar

The best websites in the world…ever. Vol.7

When faced with the task of naming my three favourite websites, I thought I would veer away from the SEO related sites I use on a daily basis and instead opt for sites I tend to use in my personal time…

Firstly is a music site I visit on a daily basis. The Hype Machine tracks a bunch of MP3 blogs, adds the links to its own database and allows the user to browse through the various tracks by artist and track name. Each track is available in full although you can’t download the tracks…instead you can create a customised dashboard where you can save your favourite tracks and have your own playlist which is always accessible online. As well as saving the tracks you can also go back to the blogs in which the the track was originally posted and speak to those interested in the same kind of music as you.

Another site I have been visiting more often since the dreaded credit crunch descended upon us, is Hot UK Deals. I tend to do most of my shopping online out of pure laziness, however I now I never make any purchase without visiting this site first. The content is purely user generated and includes promotion codes, special offers, competitons as well as other useful info on how to save those all important pennies at our favourite online stores.

Lastly, another site I visit on practically a daily basis is the National Geographic site. I’ve always had a fascination with Natural History and could spend weeks reading up on the many articles and videos published on the site. It also offers a photo of the day function which I have included within my iGoogle (one of the favourite websites selected by Barrie earlier this week). I think this offers the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of office life, if only just for just a few moments each day.


Team Tamar