8 October 2008 | Team Tamar

The best websites in the world…ever. Vol.6

Being the number crunching guy and having worked
in the financial sector for a long time, it should come as no surprise as to
what type of information my favourite sites contain. I’m all about facts and
figures. Whether it’s keeping my eye on a volatile stock market or tracking
statistics of various sports codes or even checking the public opinion polls of
politicians… it is the numerical evidence that appeals to me. That being said,
here is my list of favourite sites:


Here is a site that provides statistics on almost
all major sport played around the world. Whether you need info on an individual or team or want to track
performance over a period, from cricket to lacrosse, it’s all in


With world markets constantly being threatened by
a meltdown, it is important to track what is happening in markets, currencies
and other commodities around the world. For example, here in South Africa gold
is a very important industry and the value of this metal affects the various
levels of the South African economy. With this site I have both local and
global financial information at my fingertips.


This site keeps an eye on the progress being made
on South Africa’s preparation for the Fifa 2010 world cup. It contains
details about host cities, stadiums being built and so on, but most importantly (to
me anyway) there are blogs about how the proverbial man on the street feels about this great
tournament and in my opinion there is no better judge of a country than its citizens.

Team Tamar