2 October 2008 | Team Tamar

The best websites in the world…ever. Vol.3

Ebay saves me money, so it has to be one of my
favourite sites.  For those very few people who have never heard of them
before, they are an internet auction site. For me, I get a cheap thrill from bargain hunting cheap computer cables
and memory.  I also use this site for more than just
shopping to satisfy my small fetish for
computer cables and bits of silicon. 

When misfortune strikes, which happens to me quite a lot, I can
depend on Ebay.co.uk.  For instance, when my car side mirror was smashed
(apparently because adjustable side mirror back plates are a rare commodity and was
highly desirable to a grease monkey) I was quoted by an enthusiastic Nissan
engineer for a hundred and fifty pounds.  A quick search on Ebay’s
superior search engine gave me other options.  I settled on buying the
part for less than fifteen pounds.  Ebay brings a phenomenal number of
buyers and sellers together, is simple and clear to use, is secure, and is a
great resource for me.  It also gives me cheap addictive excitement in the
shape of an auction. There’s something
fun about stealing a potential sale from somebody else, which invokes my
competitive side.

On a different note, I think bitTorrent, which is a peer to peer file sharing
technology, has had a massive impact on the retail markets in recent
years.  Websites using this technology to give away music, films and
software application for free have sent publishers into a spin with copyright
issues.  However in recent years, I have seen a positive effect in the
consumer marketplace.  Publishers and retail businesses have had to

Most prominently, music has become cheaper, more accessible, and
flexible, even available for downloads on mobile phones.  New films are
released to the home market in a matter of weeks, not years.  And books
are now available in electronic format. This leads me to recommend www.lovefilms.com
which grew out of new consumer demands.  Not only because it is a simple
to use website, but because they make films in HD available cheaply, either for
rental or to own.  It’s a pretty straight forward, no nonsense site, which
does what it says, with a community feel.

Okay, lastly, I recommend www.thisislondon.co.uk.  I
use this site daily because I live in London,
and I have a general interest in London news.  Also, I can usually rely on a decent five day weather
forecast.  I can absorb what’s happening, and what’s not, in five minutes
with this clear and concise news website.

Before I go, I have to mention www.halifax.co.uk as one of my favourites,
which is a bank with an online presence. This great website helps me keep track of my finances. Online banking is a great innovation, and has
changed my life. It’s so easy to move my pennies from one account to another and then back again. There are lots of quality online banking
websites however, but I rate this website particularly highly. I hope they are around in the future though.

Team Tamar