28 October 2008 | Team Tamar

The best websites in the world…ever. Vol.17

As a self-confessed music geek, I am a huge fan of online Social Music sites. If you enjoy escaping into iPod land during the ritual of public transport or if you possess the habit of analysing a track down to its core by defining time signatures and guitar rhythms, then these three sites may interest you as much as me.

In ascending order, here are my top 3 Social Music sites! 



Coming in at number 3 is Imeem. This site does not just cover music as its main medium, but provides film and video and industry gossip.  Attracting 18 million users and maintaining a library of 3 million tracks, you can keep up to date with your favourite artist, musician, photographer or producer through regular postings of information regarding new releases, tour dates, etc.


Although Imeem has had turbulent times in the past when they were blocked by MySpace and sued by Warner Music for copyright violation, Imeem now boosts agreements with the music industry’s 3 biggest majors – Warner Music Group, Sony BMG and EMI allowing users endless music and video content, while cementing its claim as one of the chief social music sites. This is visually an attractive site, however I regularly use Imeem more for the up to date industry gossip of artists and producers than I would to search for music!

You Tube

Holding the number 2 spot is You Tube. I use You Tube on a daily basis for both music and video. I love You Tube not only for its
amazing depth of content, its very user friendly and simple design, but for discovering new unsigned artists, finding newly released tracks by my favourite artists or viewing the endless videos of live performances.Due to You Tube’s agreements with the major labels, users can uncover tracks and footage of their favourite artists both old and new, including footage I’m sure some artists would like to forget. If it exists, there’s a 99% chance you’ll find it on You Tube!


LastMy favourite of all the social music sites is Last.FM. Funded by media giant CBS, this site enables you to create your own personalised online radio station. The application functions by taking music from other users who match your musical taste and creates a personalised station. 

The main reason why I prefer this site to numerous other social music applications is due to its user friendly design. It’s simple and sleek web design allows you to search for and find what you want quickly with ease. Other great aspects that Last.FM delivers are its chart information and information of future events, which can be geographically tailored to suit you.

So there you have it – my top 3 Social Music sites! I highly recommend getting lost for hours on these sites discovering new and already established artists.

“If music be the food of love – play on!”…..Shakespeare

Team Tamar