24 October 2008 | Team Tamar

The best websites in the world…ever. Vol.14

My 3
favourite websites, are the ones I mostly visit when I
have free time to surf the web. In no particular order the first one is www.webaddict.co.za , a site that I use
just to keep updated with the latest news in web applications and I.T., also to
learn tips and tricks about using popular applications which comes in pretty
handy. Secondly, I have to say www.google.com
as it is the first site I go to when I have free time so surf, I simply enter whatever
is on my mind or anything I care to know more about at that moment, hit enter and
take it from there.

Lastly and only
because of my inquisitive nature is www.facebook.com,
I use this website mostly to keep updated on what friends are up to, upcoming events
and that sort of thing. Also I’ll use facebook much the same way I use Google
when searching for information on something. I will run a search on a specific
brand name associated with what I’m looking for and the results will feature links
to websites, groups, pages and people I need to be in contact with, ultimately
finding the answer to what I was searching for.

Team Tamar