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The best websites in the world…ever. Vol.12

Alex Christie

21 October 2008

Instead of revealing what my three favourite sites are (…*cough*.. facebook) I am going to show you 3 sites, which aren’t exactly my favourite, but ones that I find intriguing, interesting and plain right genius.

As we are all aware, the online world has become a universe of its own. Businesses are now expanding their need for competition which in turn has blossomed some fabulous and clever ways of captivating audiences all around the world.

I have always loved the marketing idea behind Absolute Vodka… so my first site is absolut.  I think this site is entrancing, with its bright visuals, and ‘flashy’ campaigns. It is it’s own colonised and extorted world. It is just foul tasting vodka to me; but boy does it make me want to buy every designer bottle!

Right, onto my second site. Music music music. Can’t live without it!  last.fm what a site! To be honest with you, this is not a site that I happened to stumble across. (I secretly thank Richard Titus, (Controller, User Experience & Design for BBC FM&T) for pointing it out to Tamar as his favourite site at our summer insight 2008. You can find his blog here ) I can investigate almost every album there is out there. The best part… the radio! Type in any artist you like, and it chooses music that falls in that genre. So I have got uninterrupted music all day. Genius!

Finally… www.addictinggames.com loads of mind numbing games…great for wasting your precious time. By the way.. I have never played it at work!

I hope you get time to visit these sites…



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