17 October 2008 | Team Tamar

The best websites in the world…ever. Vol.10

The best site ever, for me, is Google.
Not an inspired choice, sure, but I owe Google a lot. I once suggested to my zoologist
sister that she Google Chris Chameleon if she didn’t know who he was, and she told
me “You underestimate my innate knowledge of the universe…I owe nothing to Google”
to which I had to reply “I owe everything too Google…in my line of work its
essential!” Which was, and still is, true.

I also like the clean homepage, easy
access, free apps and so on. What more could you ask for? (I’m not very technologically
advanced, as you can probably tell)
I worked as a journalist/editor for while for a weekly newspaper
in a far from anywhere village where nothing ever happened, so I got used to
trawling the web (thank you, Google) for any current or relevant or interesting
news….basically anything that would appeal to the inhabitants of that
forsaken town.

While desperately searching for a news nugget one hour before
deadline, I stumbled upon Hayibo.com – a
fabulous news site for the more cynical South African.
Covering global and local news, and guaranteed to make me laugh
every time I visit this site, the totally irreverent commentary is not for those
with no sense of humour. This site is a must-visit for every South African, and
for anyone wanting a darker, funnier look into current affairs. Expect headlines
like “Buckingham Palace denies
plot to run over corgi in Paris tunnel
” and “Report says Fish Hoek to be
submerged by climate change, SA celebrates

This site was of absolutely no use to me in my daily work (as I
said, it was a small paper in a backwards town), but I have since found that
the South African Sunday Times and Mail and Guardian have often used stories
from this site in their print editions.
Aside from funny sites like this one, I don’t really have a favourite
site, aside from the ones I use daily like Facebook
and Google.

I must admit I love Facebook, as it actually has put me in touch
with so many friends from my travels around the world, who I would not otherwise
have stayed in contact with. My whole family loves Facebook, and even our
family Labrador has his own Facebook page.
I can also delete and refuse “friends” who I am not actually
friends with. My philosophy is: if I don’t know you in real life, then I don’t
need to know you on Facebook. I only have about 40 Facebook friends, and find I
still lose track of them. How do you deal with 300 friends anyway?

So that’s me and my favourite websites…

Team Tamar