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The best websites in the world…ever. Vol. 16

Alex Christie

28 October 2008

My first choice has to be timeout.com.  It has single handily saved many a weekend with lots of fun ideas of things to do around London with the family.  As a mum of two, a search for kids activities produces great results which don’t cost the earth.

Okay, so perhaps not the best website in the world but one website that I do keep an eye on is chiswickw4.com.  It is a website about the local area where I live and helps me keep abreast of the best restaurants in the area, local issues and in particular over the next couple of weeks; where the best fireworks display will be!

The third website I am going to pick is cainer.com.  There, I’ve admitted to it!  It’s a horoscope website and before you accuse me of being some type of loony, I know it is dross!  I liken it to Haribo sweets for the mind, full of artificial ingredients and flavours but still just a little bit of fun.  I love the whole nonsense of Venus being in my sign, blah, blah.  And then, there’s the obligatory ‘Click here for you full astrological Personal Profile!’.  I know that if I ever do ‘Click’ I will have reached rock bottom!



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