22 October 2008 | Team Tamar

Stephen Fry Goes all 2.0

It’s not my turn to list my favourite websites quite yet, but I couldn’t resist telling you about one of my favourite websites none-the-less, especially as it’s got a new social media edge to it.


One of England’s finest national treasures, Stephen Fry, has relaunched his website this week with an all-new and shiny web 2.0 twist. Partly to coincide with his currently-showing BBC1 series "Stephen Fry in America", but also to enable Fry to keep his fans updated as he travels round Africa for a series of films he is making with Mark Carwardine about endangered species – the new site enables him to keep everyone in the loop with seeming ease.

The shiny new site has a host of exciting features for a nerd and Fry-fan like myself, but most impressive are the following:

  • Twitter users can follow Fry’s status updates via his Twitter feed, which is also fed on to the site.
  • Regular video clips of his travels will be uploaded and streamed to the site, most of which are being recorded using his Flip Video and Creative Vado cameras.
  • The blog (resplendent with numerous social bookmarking icons) continues to be updated regularly, some of which are written especially for the site, others are taken from his regular columns in The Guardian.
  • The forum is apparently receiving a behind-the-scenes lick of paint at the moment – in it’s current form it’s basically a normal forum, but registering for the new version ("Club Fry") promises a much more social-networky experience…
  • The regular Stephen Fry Podgrams are being updated more often now, and have been rebranded as "series 2" to coincide with the new launch.
  • The site itself is very accessible – text resizers and a mobile-friendly version are just two of the benefits built in.

As a long time fan of Mr Fry I’ve always kept an eye on his site to find out what he’s up to, but it seems that now it’s being made even easier for me to do!


Team Tamar

  • http://scienceforseo.blogspot.com CJ

    I love Stephen Fry, he’s Dr Fry though 🙂
    Nice post, I’ll go and check out his site.

  • Elizabeth Okes

    A cool guy, and a very cool website…

  • Kristian

    Loving the Twitter feed, always looking out for interesting people to follow. Though I’m puzzled why he’s following almost as many people as are following him. That’s not usually how it works with twitter ‘celebs’

  • http://socialmediablog.tamar.com/ Henry Elliss

    Kristian – yes, I got minorly excited when I got the e-mail saying “Stephen Fry is now following you on Twitter”… mind you, Google is following me too, as are a few other randoms that I would never have thought would give me the time of day, so I think it might be becoming the standard these days…