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Site overlay broken in Google Analytics

Alex Christie

23 October 2008

The very awesome site overlay function in Google Analytics doesn’t seem to be working properly at the moment. I get an error code of 20000.

At first I thought it was something I did, so I spent a frantic half hour trying to sort it out.

While researching the error code 20000 (if they have more than 20000 error codes there must have been a hell of a lot of debugging going on) I saw a lot of posts on the forums today and yesterday with people having the same issue. A Google moderator on Google groups (the Japanese one) has reassured users that the team are aware of the issue and are taking steps to rectify it.

There was a minor cosmetic update to Google analytics yesterday so perhaps it is causing the issue. Its not super critical that I actually see the links people click, the data is still available if you drill down enough but it is way cooler to see it visually. Lets hope they sort it out quickly and efficiently as always.



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