6 October 2008 | Team Tamar

Share your stories, without a blog….

Tokoni, a site where users can share their stories in the form of notes, photos and videos, was formally launched yesterday.  It’s being hailed as a YouTube for stories and was founded by a team of executives from eBay and Skype.

The site has been up for about a year, apparently, but only launched formally yesterday as the founders fiddled around fixing up bits and pieces for all that time.

I checked it out and, while I haven’t actually used the site to post stories, I did read a few this morning. While I didn’t spot anything that may win the Booker prize anytime soon, there are some interesting stories and it looks like a good site for aspiring writers and so on to post stories on a site specifically designed for story sharing.

It’s like blogging, but aims to make community-building easier and has some cool features like fan pages for different story-writers and tokens for users can give feedback on stories. It also puts stories into categories for easy searching (see the Science and Technology section for peoples thoughts on the iPhone, Skype, Wii and so on). Check the site out and judge for yourself….

Team Tamar