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Save the Planet with Windows Instant On

Alex Christie

16 October 2008

Let’s assume you’re a good person who cares about the environment and ultimately planet earth. Because of this you switch off your PC or Laptop, complete shutdown, whenever you are not making use of it. That’s all good for the environment, but within this situation lays a problem. Whenever you need to retrieve something very quickly (quickly being the key term here) from you machine you have to wait quite some time for it to boot up, then you have to log in and then wait for all your services to start before you can resume reasonable interaction.

Problem?  Not for long, as Microsoft has recently been publishing surveys which asks users what they their thoughts are about an “instant on” Operating System. Industry watchers have now said that Microsoft is in actual fact working on an Instant On feature for the next iteration of Windows. This basically means that you will be able to instantly start the OS and work on it.

There is a small downside to this however. The Instant On mode will only support limited functionality,  but even so, this will probably be one of the most useful additions that Microsoft has ever made to the Windows range and at the same time help with Global warming!



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