2 October 2008 |

No next button in Live search!

It appears that the Live search page is a bit faulty this morning, when doing a search for something with a lot of matching results, there is no next button. I did a bit of digging and can’t figure this one out…

I have tried various queries to try and get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon, it seems that very popular queries like [ipod] do not have a next button when the results come up.

The query [people dancing awesome] returns 12,000,000 results and has a next button. I am trying to narrow down if this error is on purpose or if it is purely random. Whatever the case MSN must be smarting form the massive dip in page views. It could also be forcing people to type in more specific queries but I think what it is really doing is driving people to other search engines.

Go Microsoft…

edit: It looks like the related search options accidentally replaced the next button and the number of results…

edit again: Well its fixed, I think the dev team behind live.com needs to jack up their testing phase somewhat. It is good to see the expediency with which the problem was fixed…

Tamar Staff Member

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  • http://www.hairremovalforum.com Ryan Cox

    It is the Craziest thing I have seen in a long time. Every thing i search comes up with only one page. MSN needs to get their shit together.

  • Adrian James

    If they want to take on the world and his search engine they need to really get a bit of uniting testing under way!