23 October 2008 | Tanya Goodin

Mixed Messages

What’s in a name?

Of the many emails I get, and like you I get a fair few each day, many get deleted straight away as they are obviously spammy. Others get deleted as their message is clearly not meant for me (‘pills’) and others just make me laugh by trying to appeal to different sides of me I never knew I had.

For example a ticket agency just sent me an email about upcoming gigs and how did they use the subject matter to get me to click onto their deals?

See Metallica, Oasis And Lionel Richie

Now with the best will in the world is there one person on the planet who likes all three of those bands? (the answer is no by the way!) So a really mixed message, not really thought through and an opportunity missed.

I would have much preferred to have had a couple of emails splitting off Lionel and that way I would have been far more likley to click through to their offers, at least for Metallica and Oasis.

So just like landing pages on your websites where the message should be really clear and hitting the right target so should the subjects in emails, at least if you want to get people through to that first stage of even looking at the email you have written.


Another company just sent me an email and there subject was: Check out this week’s hot tickets and special offers – OK, I will!

Another one has just arrived: Oasis UK Stadium Tour on sale Friday at 10:00 –that’s useful so off I go.

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar