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Microsoft now pays users to search

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
3 October 2008

The idea of search was to find a search engine you like (I only ever use Google) and then find what you looking for through them….but now Microsoft has introduced SearchPerks, which pays you to use their search engine. Apparently users who agree to download a program to track their search engine usage get tickets according to their usage which they can cash in on later or donate to charity.

Although earlier incentives haven’t brought in the bucks yet, they are still trying. SearchPerks also aims to create brand awareness around Microsoft’s search engine. Read what Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer has to say about their financial crisis on IOL Technology.

Microsoft has said it saw that users of the program performed three times the number of searches they had previously. Live Search Senior Director Frederick Savoye reckons that this kind of perk can change people’s search behaviour over a period of time.  You can read all about it on the cnet website.



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