17 October 2008 | Team Tamar

Image Search Engine: retreivr

When it comes to the new and interesting, the world of search isn’t exactly the most exciting thing. Sure, when Google adds a new element to their search results my heart starts racing but that’s me, a lot of others out there probably don’t really care that there is now a weather widget in Yahoo SERPs.

Every now and then something really does inspire me and I thought I would share this one, it is a not so new search engine that uses flickr’s results, i think it first popped up in 2006 but i have never seen it, it’s called…
With a different colour ‘r’ at the end – just like flickr – surprise surprise.

Don’t let the unimaginitive web 2.0 title scare you off, this search engine is actually quite incredible.
Have a look at these three examples, I won’t bother explaining the technology, I will rather let the results speak for themselves (click the images)

I can’t actually think of any amazing benefits of this service but it is
quite fun and a unique angle for search. I can’t wait to see what will top this one…

Team Tamar