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Hackers could be watching you

Alex Christie

10 October 2008

Recently Adobe has released a security advisory that their Adobe Flash Player could have a vulnerability that could pose a threat to "click-jacking". They state that this is an extreme level of a hacking program that has never been seen before affecting all major user friendly browsers, for example, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

"[Clickjacking] comes in many
different forms. It has been overlooked by the security
community and the criminal community alike. Recently, researchers have
demonstrated the dangers of this threat through an Adobe Flash Player
vulnerability that would allow an attacker to gain control of a user’s
microphone and webcam," Chris Rodriguez,
an analyst at Frost & Sullivan, told TechNewsWorld.

Adobe has not yet released a patch for this threat but are working on releasing on close to end of October in an Adobe update.



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