2 October 2008 | Team Tamar

Google Blog Search’s first ever update!

I am a big fan of Google Blog Search and after logging in this afternoon I thought I had clicked on the wrong bookmark by mistake. It looked so different. It looked like Google News, but toned down. It listed all these weird and wonderful statistics and I thought "Mmm, this is a good thing", here are some of my initial discoveries. But before that I scroll to the bottom of the page and find this bit of text :

"The selection and placement of stories on this page were determined
automatically by a computer program
." – Thank goodness! Imagine the
poor bloke going through every single blog post to create that list.
Technology works. I am relieved.

The layout has changed quite a bit from the old plain text interface, the updates are utilising images, and a number next to every entry that displays how many blogs are displaying entries about each specific header. As you might expect American politics dominate most of them, but a simple search should rectify that…

Let’s see how many bloggers are still talking about noise rock/indie pioneers Sonic Youth (it was the first search that came into my head seeing as I am busy listening to the entire back catalogue). An epic fail ensues…The search results don’t look like the homepage.

There are some links at the top left of the homepage though, they look like Google News. The categories covered are Top Stories, Politics, US, World, Business, Technology, Video Games, Science, Entertainment, Movies, Television and Sports. This seems a little more promising.

Selecting any one of these takes you to a similiar page that displays how many people are blogging on similiar topics. So all in all not the biggest upgrade ever, it has been made a little sexier, it offers some insight on more or less how many people are actually posting on similiar topics.

My curiousity gets the best of me…Let’s see what is happening on the entertainment page…Unbelievable, apparently Rick Astley is up for an MTV Award! Note to self, keep up with the times.

Team Tamar