6 October 2008 | Team Tamar

Facebook in the Queen’s English?

Most of you logging in to Facebook this morning will have been greeted by the following message, which probably confused you as much as it did me:


It looks like Facebook is really ramping up it’s translation program, which is great news for all the people in the non-English speaking countries that are currently experiencing a Facebook boom (see this post for details – updated stats coming soon!). It also explains why the recent roll-out of the new interface has been followed by a move over to a new country-specific URL:


So why am I being asked to help translate Facebook in to this mysterious new language, ‘English (UK)’. Are Facebook REALLY planning on translating the site in to proper English (like they did for Pirates last week) or is this simply an automated message? I suspect it’s the latter, but it makes me want to see a version of the Facebook homepage in the Queen’s English nonetheless…


Team Tamar

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    As a Brit, I appreciate it when international sites make the effort to provide a translation into British English. I know it must be a million times more important for users from other countries too, but there is very little work for facebook to do.
    I can’t find a single instance of words like “color”, “Mom” or ending in “ize” outside of the user generated content.