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Ask.com – The Battle to be the best of the rest.

Alex Christie

27 October 2008

Ask.com recently introduced significant changes
to the design of its search engine. The purpose of these changes is to deliver
search results more efficiently but also more accurately.

The directors of
Ask.com concede that they are dwarfed by the likes of Google and that these drastic changes is a
bid to gain some of Google’s market share.
Ask. claim that they are able to answer a users
question so much faster than any other search engine by answering the users
question the first time they ask.

To add to their improved service Ask.com has
also made some technological and cosmetic enhancements to their site. They now
offer a variety of background options or “skins” for the user who want to steer
away from the conventional white screen.

They’ve even included an option where
one can now use a personal picture as a background which would function
similarly to a desktop background.
"Ask Q&A" appears in the right hand
column of search results — where other sites place text ads — and features a
list of questions related to a user’s search, designed to reveal a different
set of applicable results to a query.

The Ask Q&A list
appears as a link that expands when clicked. A list of related searches appears
under the link.
Ask.com has promised many new innovations in the
coming months and will focus on their strengths rather than attempt to be a
Google slayer.



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