12 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Yahoo to implement Google Ads

It has been reported today that Yahoo is to go ahead with its Google Ad deal, despite mounting criticism surrounding the deal and growing speculation of trust issues which has lead the US justice department to investigate. The agreement is set to be implemented in October this year where Google Ads will be displayed alongside Yahoo search results.

The BBC spoke with executive vice-president of Yahoo US, Hillary Schneider, who denies the action infringing upon any guidelines of the law. Both parties are said to have voluntarily agreed to the investigation by the US Department of Justice and agree that the move is good for competition in the long term.

This move can only be seen to help push online advertsising investment, which according to reports earlier this year has already overtaken tv spend, and is about to pass that of radio advertising spend, despite the recent market slowdown. We can therefore assume that this move will see an increase in sites taking a more holistic approach to their search strategy.

Yahoo are set to redesign several popular areas of its site, including the homepage in order to extend its advertising services.

Team Tamar