16 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Windows7 closer than you thought…

A few months ago we reported on the development of Microsoft’s new operating system, known as Windows 7, and mentioned that it would be publicly available very soon, even in the next year. Microsoft however released a statement, saying that Windows 7 would only be available publicly from early 2010, but now internal reports have leaked stating June 3, 2009 as the release date.

The report also stated that a beta launch could be expected in October this year. The report was supported further more by an unnamed vendor who has told InternetNews.com that internal builds were already available for testing and hardware certification to them.

What surprises most industry watchers is how quickly Microsoft has come up with a new operating system right after Vista’s launch. People in the know how however, say that Windows 7 won’t be a complete new development project as Vista was, but that it would rather be making use of a lot of Vista backend, making it in essence, an overhauled Vista.

Team Tamar