23 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Windows 7 – some more news

As we have mentioned before, the release of Windows 7 is getting closer and closer. Some reports today revealed some more features that have been incorporated (or omitted) from successor to the the much critiqued Windows Vista.

It has been decided that there will be no programs built into the new operating system that will handle e-mail, movie making or even photo editing as has been customary through all of the Windows operating systems. The software will still be available to Windows Live users and one can’t help but think that this is a big push from Microsoft to compete with Google Docs.

According to Windows Vista general manager Brian
Hall, Microsoft decided to remove these tools for a host of reasons including a strategy to release its operating systems faster that the Silicon Valley giant is currently accustomed to. It also helps eliminate offering support to what is in essence two programs doing the same thing.

Team Tamar