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Searchme releases Mobile search engine.

Alex Christie

19 September 2008

Searchme released its visual search engine
for mobile devices. Randy Adams, Searchme Founder and CEO said “Searchme’s
visual search is now available to billions of mobile users, offering a new and
better way to search the Web. Searchme’s interface makes it easy to find what
you are looking because we show you pictures of the web sites without the delay
of loading them in your browser. On mobile devices this is a real time saver
and simply a better way to search the web.”

Founded in 2005, Searchme is the new and exciting way to
search the web as it displays results in the form of pictures. Results are
displayed in the form of a picture making it easier to find the site you
searching for it also sorts the results into categories making it easier for
the user to find the information faster. To access the site from your mobile
simply go to http://m.searchme.com and start your search.



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