3 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Say goodbye to the computer mouse

After 40 years on the market, the computer mouse
days are numbered.

A Gartner analyst has predicted the extinction of
the computer mouse within three to five years.
With the ease and increase in the use of touch
screen and facial recognition devices, the mouse is rarely used nowadays.

Brands such as
Panasonic, who are major players in the home entertainment industry, have now
come up with televisions that recognize your face on its menu and just by moving
your hands up and down, you can select what channels you want to watch, rather
than the use of a remote.

Sony and Canon are
now using cameras which take automatic photos from the recognition of your
With this increase
in technology level, it is now only a matter of time which all computers will only be accessed and
used by the recognition of ones face or fingerprints.

Team Tamar