30 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Position crawling systems: Playing the wrong game?

One thing I’ve learned since starting here at Tamar is that while there are many tricks in this trade, it seems that natural search is the way to go…

I found this interesting article online and the author, George Michie, should know what he is talking about as he is the Principal of Search Marketing for the Rimm-Kaufman Group, a direct marketing services and consulting firm founded in 2003. In his opinion position crawling is “playing the wrong game”.

He claims the value of traffic does not vary by position and explains how the value of “traffic” times “the percentage of value the advertiser can afford to spend on marketing” equals “the bid”, and therein lies the fatal flaw. He goes on to explain how position crawling works and the associated faults.
As he says, and I’m learning, “Bidding based on the value of traffic is simple conceptually, but complex in practice.”  Read his story and see for yourself.

Team Tamar