11 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Online operating system, social media mogul? You better believe it.

Facebook’s brand new applications bar reminds us of something? A device for world domination, maybe, a handy shortcut to the hoards of applications we all love and cherish, perhaps, but most of all, look at your Windows taskbar, bingo!

This pretty obivious observation was hit home even more when Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, suggested that Facebook is aiming to become the online operating system. Good thing he is sticking to his word then, because the social network site is definitely moving in that direction.

With all of your bookmarked applications appearing very similiar to your Windows quick launch programmes the only thing missing is the ability to drag your chat windows to anywhere on your screen, but that can’t be too far off.

One feature that still eludes Facebook is that ability to run its applications in separate windows and although this probably won’t be implemented in the foreseeable future, the leader of the social media pack is definitely setting the bar awfully high for its competitors.

Can anyone keep (or rather catch) up to Facebook? Will Facebook become everyone’s web based operating system? Quite possibly, but what if they decided to roll out their very own search engine? What if they decided to take on Google? A mouthwatering prospect I am sure you will agree, come on Facebook, make my day.

Team Tamar