2 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Multiple browsers and web design

With the news that Google is to reignite the browser wars, by releasing their own browser. This new development provides web designers with an additional burden when it comes to testing for cross-browser compatibility. When doing the most basic form of browser testing, you should always test your web creations in IE6 and 7, and Firefox (commonly version 2) on both the PC and Mac. For more comprehensive cross-browser testing you can include Safari and Opera too.

With the release of Firefox 3, the imminent release of Google’s new browser ‘Chrome’, Microsoft’s IE8 on the horizon, and with IE6 (a designer’s favourite browser!) refusing to be confined to browser history. It seems that more and more time will need to be spent doing cross-browser testing.

As browsers never all behave the same and with the increasing number of browsers and browser versions. Will this result in an increase in the number of browser hacks that are widely used in the web design community, to make browsers all behave the same? And with every new browser and browser version being released. It is interesting to see whether the browsers are converging, in terms of the level of support they offer, particularly in terms of new and emerging standards and technology or whether they will continue to all go off on their own tangents?

Team Tamar