16 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Mid-Autumn Festival

 Sunday 14th September was the
Mid Autumn Festival in China, also known as the Moon Festival. This is a big holiday in China, and means a public holiday at least. Before the holiday we were invited out to Yue Miao for a meal and moon cakes.

This festival dates back over 3,000 years to the Shang Dynasty, and coincides with the Autumn equinox. Traditionally, farmers celebrated the end of the summer harvest, and families gathered to admire the super bright mid autumn moon and eat moon cakes (which they still do).

Moon cakes are small cakes or pastry’s filled with all different fillings such as coconut, red bean, fruit, egg yolk, green tea, and many more. We were happy to hear that this year the Government sent Yue Miao 100 boxes of moon cakes for the festival (which means over 600 moon cakes), and they in turn generously invited us around to share these with them.


Our entire office went to Yue Miao, where we made dumplings and ate the mooncakes. We also started work on building the schools new website and helped them with some of their computer questions.

The usual suspects were around, and were particularly happy on this day, because many of them had family members coming to pick them up for the holiday weekend.Enjoy_mooncakes

Fei_di_2Happy Moon Festival!

Team Tamar