11 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Microsoft IE8 not about Performance.

Seems as though Microsoft is feeling a little ignored, with all the hype that is surrounding Google’s new Web browser, Chrome.  To get the lime light back on the new Internet Explorer, they decided to have a press demonstration of IE8 beta2 this week.

There isn’t really anything new to report on, except for one fact. Microsoft claims that their main focus while developing IE8 wasn’t performance, but the user interface. That’s comes as a slight shock seeing as IE7 already trails in the performance department, when compared to its main rivals.

According to Microsoft, the main priority for IE8 was usability. This included automating a lot of the general task that a user would generally perform in a Web Browser. The other main development that was show cased was Web slices. It basically allows a developer to create a snippet of sites that a user can subscribe to for updates. Even though it sounds similiar to RSS feeds, it different in the way that it is created in Microsoft’s hAtom format and is meant to work in IE8 and not in feed readers.

Microsoft was however quick to point out that people shouldn’t compare performance between IE8 and IE7 yet, as IE8 is still in beta form, meaning that figures obtained now would most likely be irrelevant in the release package.

Team Tamar