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Microsoft adopts open source…

Alex Christie

29 September 2008

jQuery is a popular open source JavaScript library that has become one of the most popular libraries on the Web in a very short time. The reason for this is that jQuery allows developers to easily find and manipulate HTML elements with a minimum amount of code.

jQuery however, is not only popular under Web developers, Microsoft seems to think it’s a handy tool as well. This was made evident on Sunday when Microsoft announced that they would be shipping jQuery along with Visual Studio from now on.

According to Microsoft, jQuery would make out part of the higher level controls in the ASP.net Ajax Control Toolkit. The jQuery JavaScript library will be distributed as is, with files that will continue to adhere to the jQuery MIT license.

Microsoft is also not the only company to adopt jQuery, as Nokia is also in the process to implement jQeury as part of their application development platform.



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