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Marvin? No Google’s Android

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
23 September 2008

Does it have ‘the brain the size of a planet’ as well?

So Google have launched their mobile phone, well jointly with T-Mobile, and it looks, well, familiar. Click here for the magical unveiling, all hail the new Emperor, clothes optional.


Not be confused with this android it does indeed seem to be a pretty smart cookie. It features a ‘qwerty’ keyboard, is wi-fi and 3G enabled and has a nifty one click contextual search and browse function to allow you to zoom on web pages, images etc.   

The big buzz, from G and T, as they are now called, is all about the mapping software, its Web browser and its ability to run add-on applications. We shall see. Check out news reviews, videos and general information here.

It will probably be in the UK by Christmas, so no doubt it will be a big pre-order deal and queues outside in the freezing cold again (iPhone/Wii anyone?) and estimates are of a £40 monthly tarrif.

For the more techie sorts the platform was developed by the Open Handset Alliance – a partnership of more than 30 firms that aim to make phone software easier to work with. We are all for that.



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