29 September 2008 | Team Tamar

How is Facebook helping MI6?

Well, her Majesty’s secret service is using the world’s biggest social networking site to recruit agents, according to a story released earlier today. According to a Foreign Office spokesperson : "The open recruitment campaign
continues to target wide pools of talent representative of British
society today.  A number of channels are used to promote job
opportunities in the organisation. Facebook is a recent example."

So the next James Bond might be found on Facebook. This makes me think, how can one go about getting noticed by MI6? What kind of things should you have and what do you need on your profile? It also seems that this is a British answer to A-Space, the FBI and CIA’s social network created specifically for spies to share information, etc.

So the British effort might not be an exclusive site that only spies can access, but it is arguably the largest database of people online and what better place to find the next Bond…James Bond.

Team Tamar