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Google’s Chrome doesn’t frighten competitors

Alex Christie

3 September 2008

It seems as though the news of Google very own web browser, Chrome, being prepared for release hasn’t affected the moods of their competitors much. Browser makers, Microsoft, Mozilla and Opera has reacted positively to the news by saying that they welcome the competition from Google and are not afraid  of the search giants move.

Mozilla has gone as far as to say that they aren’t surprised by Google’s move at all, seeing as their business is the internet. They reiterated that they are confident in their own product and the growth it has been experiencing over the last few months.

Our Head of Technology mentioned in his post yesterday, that Chrome has a few features that are very similar of those in Opera. This has been reiterated by the industry that has started pointing out even larger similarities to Opera.

As Chrome is still in Beta testing though, we can only wait until the launch date to get our hands on the full version. Keep checking back for more updates.



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