10 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Google to dump user data earlier.

With continued pressure by the EU over the issue of privacy of users, Google, the worlds leading search engine is to decrease the amount of time it stores users personal data by 50%, from 18 to 9 months.

Nine months after the data has been stored, Google will start to make any identifiable addresses anonyms.

Currently Google collects and holds data from all their users search queries.  Information they collect and hold include the query itself, the IP number and how users make their searches, i.e. the web browser being used.

Google say they are aware of the issues sourrounding the privacy of their users and how it is essential to keep it confidential in order for them to earn their trust and continues using their search engine.

Google claim they use information of their users in order to prevent cases such as fraud and spam.

Team Tamar