9 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Google taking the Ocean?


In an unprecedented move Google has filed for a patent in 2007 to build a data centre in the ocean. These data centres will use the ocean current to provide energy and cooling for these behemoth information structures. With the report of Google wanting to digitalise the record of previous newspapers, where do you think they are going to store all this information? Think about all those small towns with their newspapers. The patent better explained by Data Centre Knowledge:

The Google design incorporates the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter units, which use the motion of ocean surface waves to create electricity and can be combined to form "wave farms." The largest existing project uses seven Pelamis units to generate about 5 megawatts of power. Diagrams included with Google’s patent application indicate the company plans to combine 40 or more Pelamis units to produce 40 megawatts of power.

The patent documents describe a cooling system based on sea-powered pumps and seawater-to-freshwater heat exchangers.

Might be that Google is trying to reduce the the emissions caused by the ICT sector. The ICT sector currently contributes 3% to global emissions and this is set to double in the next two years.

You have to give praise to Google, is the power-house mover and shaker, I know a bold statement made, but in retrospect you can think that with its search engine being the landmark for all others to follow and it being one of the global leaders in the financial market. I’m very eager to see what Google has up its sleeves; it looks like they are going to take us into the “Sci-Fi movie” future.

Team Tamar