29 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Google facts to ponder

Here are a few interesting Google snippets.

  • Google has raked in $48 billion from Internet ads since 2001
  • Far from stashing all of it, the company has paid $15 billion in commissions to the web sites that run its ads contributing to the success of major sites like AOL, Ask.com and MySpace as well as an array of bloggers.
  • Google Chairman Eric Schmidt aims to generate $100 billion in annual revenue, making it roughly as big as the two largest information-technology companies – Hewlett-Packard Co. and IBM Corp.
  • Google is believed to index at least 40 billion Web pages running hundreds of thousands of computers kept in massive data centers around the world.
  • The guys at the helm  – Eric Schmidt (53) (Goolge CEO), Sergei Brin (35) and Larry page (35) (Founders) have made an informal pact to remain the company‚Äôs brain trust through 2024, at least.

If there are any facts worth mentioning that we might have missed please feel free to let us know!

Team Tamar