23 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Google and the Mobile Future.

Google has had a major impact on peoples lives over the past ten years ever since its introduction onto the market.  Areas that Google have changed include business, entertainment and culture as well as many more areas.  These changes have got people thinking of what could happen over the next ten years.

With the increasing number of cellphones on the market nowadays, and the features they include and the ability they are able to undertake, with the ever increase in the level of technology, this will have a major impact on many people in the years to come.

Nowadays the number of mobile phones outnumber the number of cars and credit cards around the world.

With approximately 3.2 billion mobile subscribers around the world, and knowing this number will defintly increase in the next few years, it is safe to say that the mobile phone is one of the most creative products invented.

With Google already provding services such as updated weather reports and news from around the world to customers mobile phones, the popularity and necessity of these devices make you wonder how Google could use this to their advantage, and how we would be using the mobile phone in the future.

Team Tamar