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Current crisis will not halt growth in the I.T. and search sector.

Alex Christie

30 September 2008

While the worlds markets appeared to be in a free fall, after what has been declared the worst ever day for international
economics, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer
was typically upbeat about his organisations ability to remain competitive and
generate profits.

He views I.T. and the digital world as an economy
of its own, and while this economy is not immune to what is happening in the
global economy he recognises the buoyancy in the digital sector. His theory is that even when massive
financial institutions crash, there will always be consumers and it is
ultimately individual consumers that dominate the digital world.

He further
pointed out that online purchases remained at record highs and was expanding
into new areas of business as well as increasing its share in emerging markets.
He was further probed about the compatibility
issues experienced with Windows Vista and conceded that so much development was
spent on security that they may have neglected compatibility testing somewhat.
He also conceded that Microsoft had much catching up to do and would have to
reinvent the search business to catch up with giant Google.



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