19 September 2008 | Team Tamar

Bebo Launches Student TV Show – Rewards Fans

After their past successes, including Kate Modern, it looks like Bebo are set to launch a new internet-based TV show aimed at the UK. Their new series, ‘Meet the Freshers’, begins at the end of September (just in time for the start of a new University term) and seems to be set to get tongues wagging from the off.

The trailer for the video, which you can see here, shows presented Tom Thurlow asking a bunch of about-to-be students what they expect to get up to at uni – with the usual answers being sex, alcohol and not a lot of studying!

Interestingly, when you become a fan of the show on Bebo (is that a new, Facebook-esque term BTW – didn’t you used to be friends with brands and shows on Bebo??) you receive an iTunes discount code to redeem against the Bebo compilation album, which includes tracks from ‘Noah and the Whale’, ‘David Holmes’ and ‘Bryn Christopher’ (plus lots of other bands I’d never heard of before… ahem).


Team Tamar