9 September 2008 |

Ad-blocking on the rise

I have given up, I have finally relented and installed ad-blocker for firefox.


It is a plugin that removes annoying ads and content from certain
servers. I always thought it would be nice to keep tabs on whats out
there and what people are doing in terms of their advertising but I
have seen "the fart button" too many times.

It seems that I am not the only one who feels the same, over 10 million people have downloaded the ad-block plugin for firefox. If we consider that 40% of all browsers are using firefox then it is a significant chunk of the internet userbase.

I wonder how long this kind of advertising will last? I think it s time for the advertisers to rethink their approach now that the previously captive audience can essentially turn off the adverts far easier than changing channel on the telly…

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