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Yahoo fighting back?

Alex Christie

12 August 2008

Covario, a digital advertising company, released its Global Search Spend Analysis today, revealing that in Quarter 2 of 2008 search spending with Yahoo increased at the expense of Google.

Unfortunately for Yahoo Europe, this was referring to their US and Asia spends only, as in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Google still has more than 90% of the paid search spend, up more than 10% from a year ago and nearly 2% from the previous quarter.

Also, the study is based on only 12 of Covario’s clients, all of which are technology companies, which is hardly representative of all Global spends, but still it represents over 128 brands and more than $225 million worth of paid search spend. 

The other interesting result of the study was that the spend on Paid search although still increasing, is increasing at a lower rate than the previous period, down to 43% from 52%.

The slow down is being attributed by Covario to the tightness of marketing budgets in the face of slowing economies, as well as, more positively, the improved ability of customers to optimise their campaigns.

The increased use of Yahoo, on the other hand, has been attributed to possibilities such as the reorganisation of Yahoo’s sales team and the upgrades to their search marketing interface.

More info can be found here, here and here



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