8 August 2008 | Team Tamar

Wikia Evolution – New Firefox Toolbar Launched

Wikia Search, the open source web search engine, today launched their new toolbar ‘Wikia Evolution’. The toolbar has been designed with the intention of getting users to participate in the Wikia Search project and to then incorporate their feedback by modifying the search results.

Users are encouraged to add URLs to the Wikia Search Toolbar along with associated keywords which will then be added to the Wikia Search Index…


The toolbar works with Wikia Search as well as the more widely used Google and Yahoo, although the changes to results will only be incorporated into Wikia Search. Users are invited to give the result a rating and again can add the URL to the Wikia Index.


The Toolbar has received mixed comments, from those appreciating the simplistic design and use of an open source search engine to those who, like WebWare, see it as a clever way to build upon the work of others like Google, in order to improve their own results.

If you’d like to participate with the Wikia Search Project, follow the link where you can download the Wikia Evoloution Toolbar.

Team Tamar