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Watch out Google here comes Wiki…

Alex Christie

14 August 2008

Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales hopes that the project he personally heads called Wiki Search, will end Google’s domination as the most used search engine. He made this announcement at a global brand forum in Singapore. Not even the most eccentric entrepreneur or I.T. developer would dare to think this big. To make further waves in the search industry, he goes on to claim that the major players in the search world are already worried his venture.

So how exactly does he plan this proposed dominance? By means of customer loyalty. Most web users are already familiar with the online encyclopedia and thus familiar with the Wiki brand. So instead of using Google as a search channel, regular Wikipedia users will use Wiki Search eliminating Google as the “middle man”.

Wales also says that Wiki Search will run on the same platform and principles of the online encyclopedia in which entries can be made and edited allowing the user to be more involved and not have the clouded secrecy that other search engines have.

What needs to be noted is that Wales has not attached any time period to his proposed dominance. So as they say, time will tell.



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