8 August 2008 | Team Tamar

The boarders cabaret

Our bursary holder Simo Sam invited us along to the boarders cabaret held in the St. Cyprian’s school hall last night. The boarder’s cabaret is an opportunity for parents and guardians and in our case sponsors to get a better taste of life at St Cyprians and be entertained and welcomed by the children of the Catherine boarding house.

Simo is in Grade 8 in the boarding house and her group of boarders started the evening off with a performance called Miss Understood.  It started off with lots of wolf whistling and shouts of encouragement from all the other pupils.

It included lots of waazzup’s and yo yo yo gangster style poses and lots of shrieking laughter. Aside from having absolutely no idea what was going on (it certainly was misunderstood), it was very funny.
I met the new headmistress as well a number of the matrons of the boarding house.

They where all very welcoming and really enthusiastic about Simo and her progress at the school.
It was a surprisingly enjoyable and entertaining evening and fantastic to see Simo settling in so well. I’m afraid the pictures didn’t come out very well.  Simo is in the pink skirt in the foreground during the performance of Miss Understood.

St Cyprians

The very amused and somewhat confused audience.


Team Tamar